Coloring Tips

Coloring Tips in an Ocean of Possibilities….

If you are like me you are always looking for ways to improve your coloring creations. I can get woo’ed by new markers, new colored pencils, and blending tips pretty easily.

Just for fun I thought I would Google Coloring Tips for Adults. The results were fantastic!

So many links so little time. One result that really stuck out was Pinterest. Because of course if you are feeling crafty you go to Pinterest. Seriously there are lots of good tips and ideas hiding in plain site there. I even found some new Pinterest boards to follow.

However, if you are going to dive into the Pinterest Universe, phone a friend first and let them know. Otherwise you could be lost in there for days and no one will know what happened to you.

Have some serious fun with your coloring projects.

Remember if you are looking for a way to make some new friends and get out of the house this season, download some of our Mantra Mandala Coloring Pages and start a coloring club. Meet at a local coffee bar and support a local business.

You are sure to create a win-win all the way around!

Powerful You

It only takes the human mind a little focus time to feel the emotions that will empower our day.

You have pushed yourself all week. Take some time this weekend and power yourself up. Color a Mantra Mandala or two and focus on the mantra while hanging out with your inner kid.

Create something beautiful – a powerful you.

National Coloring Book Day – Coloring Party

Guess what?
National Coloring Book Day is August 2
and we are throwing a

‘Virtual’ Coloring Party to celebrate! 

NCBDay Party2016

The party will be held on Facebook on our Mantra Mandalas Coloring Page page

We will be sharing things though out the day but the real party begins at 7pm when  you can share your coloring endeavors and we can talk about our favorite things about coloring.

Join our Color A Long and post your finished Coloring Pages too! (Click the download link below for your free 7 page National Coloring Book Day – Coloring Party Coloring Book)

  • Party Kicks off at 7pm with a ‘virtual’ champagne toast
  • Give-a-ways
  • Music
  • Color Facts
  • and much more
  • the ‘virtual’ streamers will be swept up at 9pm

Join us from where ever you are around the world!