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What are Mantra Mandalas exactly?


  • Circles
  • Rooted in Tibetan Buddhist Healing
  • Open space for mediation
  • Promotes repetitions


  • Positive statements
  • Enhanced by repetition
  • Quiets self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Establishes new beliefs


  • Relaxes the mind
  • Offers mediative effects
  • Allows a space for creativity
  • Playful focus

Combining Mandalas, Mantras, & Coloring creates a fun mediative space that encourages deliberate focus and inner peace.

Mantra Mandala Magic:

  • We take Mantra/Affirmation
  • Turn it into a Mandala
  • Make it colorable

Your Magic:

  • You focus on the mantra
  • Play with the colors
  • Enjoy a meditative connection

The Magic:

  • We are all more relaxed and centered
  • We life inspired and motivated lives
  • We experience wellBEing and happiness throughout the day

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